We are Tomas and Evgenia – the couple behind Ze-pho-To wedding photography. Both of us have an academic background in photography – Tomas is a bachelor of Media Arts, currently applying his talents in commercial photography; while Evgenia is a professional photojournalist with the main focus on editorial portraits. We’ve been shooting weddings together for more than five years, and during that time have developed our own strategies of working together to provide maximum coverage of the event from two different perspectives while maintaining our general photographic style. Although we are based in Vilnius, Lithuania, we gladly take on assignments throughout Europe and further.

We mainly shoot in documentary style, capturing natural emotions and events, which lets us tell the true story of your wedding day. In addition to that, we love to make a short pre-arranged photo shoot only with the couple, so that you would really feel special and maybe even do something extraordinary that day (except from getting married, of course :). If you are curious, how this photographic style turns out in reality, you can visit our Blog, where we post visual stories from our latest weddings.